Data Recovery from Dead Laptop Hard Drive

As laptop has the capacity to hold tons of data and files into it hence it also takes lot of effort to manage information safely. Few fast and wrong clicks can cause a terrible situation. Your data files that are accommodated in the system’s external / internal hard drive may refuse to open up, or sometimes it may even get corrupted because to certain reasons. Have you ever come across situation when your HDD gets corrupted all of a sudden? Or are you searching for some restoration tool to get data off a dead laptop hard drive? If so then you are on the right page.

Here in this article we introduce you to the different reasons on why your HDD gets damaged and how you can rescue the files and folders that are accommodated in it. Whenever your hard disk refuses to mount or folder in it refuses to open up, the reason behind is a dead HDD. The most common reason for a corrupt hard disc drive includes-

  • Corrupt MBR
  • Formation of Bad Spots
  • Severe Virus Infection
  • Aged HDD etc

Your laptop’s hard drive holds many different files and folders such as word documents, multimedia files that hold pictures, music, videos etc, archived files etc. Out of these all the file types can be recreated or recollected but pictures?? Do you know how to find pictures from laptop after they are lost or corrupted due to HDD failure? If you are a person with technical knowledge then you must be aware of the fact that nothing is destroyed from your system permanently until it’s overwritten. Only thing that happens is its header address gets deleted and the space is marked free so that some new files can replace the older ones. This is common for both Windows and Mac computers.

Properties of this unique toolkit-

It efficiently finds out data back from hard drive that has bad sectors or bad spots in it. It also rescues data contents from non booting drives. It can magnificently retrieve information from formatted partitions even after re-installing Windows. It also supports the recovery of data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions which has been formatted or deleted. It has a unique feature to save disk space by creating zip archives of the recovered files and folders. It supports SATA, IDE, SCSI hard drive data recovery from the dead laptop at an ease. It can even retrieve data from external USB drives, memory cards, flash drives etc. in less time. It is compatible with all the different series of Windows and Mac operating system. You can visit this link to know more on how this software works to rescue data lost / deleted from Windows 8 computers/ laptops. This tool is one of the most widely used tools to recover data from hard drive. If you wish to know more about this tool then visit here:


User must always maintain backup of files and folders so that it can be useful even when their laptop became dead. Also user must always run an antivirus program whenever they connect some external devices to their laptop’s USB drive.

Reasons of a dead laptop hard drive-

The following are the reasons for why your laptop’s hard disk drive may suddenly die on you-

Aged HDD- If the hard disk drive that you are using in your laptop is being in use for more than 3 years it becomes torn out. Because of this your worn out hard disk may suddenly die on you resulting into huge data loss. Hence usage of old and aged hard disk drive must be avoided.

Formation of Bad Media Spots- Let us assume you have a HP laptop and it is almost two years old and you still did not change the storage device after purchase. As it is being in use continuously, it may get infected by suspicious malware and due to over usage the sectors of the hard drives may get damaged which results in the formation of bad sectors. Once bad sectors are formed, all the data that were stored in the drives becomes inaccessible to user hence results into data file loss. This can happen to any brand of laptop. Visit the URL: for detailed information on HP laptops.

Corrupt MBR- Damaged BOOT area (Corrupt MBR) takes place when there is interruption while installing an OS or if the installation process in terminated abruptly and due to virus infection. BOOT program runs first when a system is turned on. Hence damaged BOOT area leads to severe data loss. Using this eminent tool, you can overcome such situation. This tool also lends a helping hand to recover data from formatted laptop hard drive without any difficulty.

How to Recover data off a dead laptop hard drive?

Step1: Download and install the trial version of this software in your system. Launch the program by double clicking the desktop shortcut and then select "Recover Partitions" option from the main screen and proceed further.

How to Get Data Off a Dead Laptop Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step2:After selecting "Recover Partitions" option, a new window appears. The new screen provides you an option to restore deleted/lost files option. Select "Parrtition Recovery" or "Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery" option to retrieve all deleted and lost files from external / internal storage device and proceed to the next step.

How to Get Data Off a Dead Laptop Hard Drive - Select Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery

Step3:Now, select the physical / logical disk image of the hard drive from where you want to start the data recovery process. As you select the drive, the software rigorously scans the entire disk image and recovers the data.

How to Get Data Off a Dead Laptop Hard Drive - Select Hard drive

Step4: If you are satisfied with the recovery process you can now "Preview" the recovered lost or damaged file and save the recovered file into a new destination folder by selecting the option "Save Recovery Session".

How to Get Data Off a Dead Laptop Hard Drive - Save

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