Best Tool to Perform HP Laptop Data Recovery

In this mobile era more and more critical data are being stored in laptop every day. HP stands for Hewlett – Packard, which is an American multinational information technology company. HP is the leading PC manufacturer in the world. So far HP has launched various models of laptop in the market. These include- HP Envy series, HP Pavilion series, HP 2000 series, HP Pocket computers, HP netbooks and many more. Laptops have large storage capacity, so it is more disheartening when you accidentally delete multiple files and folders by using either the short keys or by using the command prompt. Very rarely people make use of command prompt keys like “DELETE” and “ERASE” to wipe off the single or multiple files and folders at a time. We all are aware that information deleted by the above two process are not dumped into the Recycle Bin. Have you ever unintentionally performed Shift + Delete operation on your HP laptop? Or did your laptop’s hard disk drive refuse to mount thereby denying access to important files? Did you ever give a thought on how to recovery in HP laptop?

Assume that you are currently working on an official project and suddenly your laptop freezes. To check out the error you restart your laptop and check its battery status. To find that the power status is good enough you go to the drive where you saved your project documents. But to your horror the drive does not mount up? As it is very important to complete the project you decide to start from the beginning. Off course restarting the project from the beginning is time consuming, so what if you get a restoration wizard that helps you to get back lost data from your damaged HP drive? You can use the trial version of this software and later upgrade the program. Now you no need to worry on topics related to “restore photos on laptop”, “rescue corrupted HDD drives from OS”, “retrieve digital files from camera and mobile phones” etc after downloading this application. As this software has multi-tasking application it can also recover data from hard drive of all laptops like Dell, Linova, Toshiba, Samsung,etc. If any one want to recover data from your Samsung laptop hard drive, then check out the URl:

Unique features of this application-

This software is recommended by technical people as the best one to retrieve partition data from Toshiba laptop and other laptop manufacturing brands like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, etc within few clicks. To know more information on data recovery from Toshiba laptop partition, click here It includes a fast recovery engine that can rescue more than 300 different types of file and also includes features to add file types that are not included in it. This software searches thoroughly and finds out lost / deleted documents from the system’s HDD based on the file extensions. It is also compatible with all the different versions of Windows operating system. You can even obtain data contents from damaged hard disk of different laptops. To obtain clearer concept visit here. With the assistance of laptop data recovery software, you can easily recover data from damaged hard drive of laptop. For further more details, log on to:

Precautionary Steps-

User must be more careful with the deletion process while transferring / moving files from one device to another and also while using the short keys. User should follow the correct method to perform re-partition / re-format operation on their storage device. Always possess the recovery software to prevent file overwriting.

Know the reasons behind running a HP recovery program?

Re-partitioned / Re-formatted drives- When laptop’s hard disk drive gets filled up, in order to make some free space we generally re-part the already partitioned drives or sometimes even re-format the drives. While performing the re-partition / re-formatting of HDD if there occurs a error or sudden interruption like system shutdown etc it may result into loss of precious documents. In addition, employ this software to restore files from your computer hard drive or any other external hard drive within few clicks. To know more details on external hard drive file recovery, click here

Attack by Virus- Virus is deadly programs that once it makes a space in our system, it can even damage the entire hard drives if it is not removed instantly by removing a strong antivirus program. Since viruses damages the storage device, hence they too result in data loss. But, fortunately you can recover lost data by making using use of this hard drive recovery software with great ease.

Mistakes done by Users while performing Delete Operation- Users are known to make frequent mistakes. For instance- Let us take the case of disk full. When the local or external disk of our HP laptop gets filled up, user tries to delete multiple files and folders at a time using the short keys “Shift + Delete” operation on their Windows OS. But later they realize that in hurry he has also deleted an important data management file. It must be a terrible situation. Relax!! You can use this software for any of your Windows version. Click the link for complete process.

Selecting Delete option instead of Paste option- Sometimes while transferring files from external device to internal storage device or vice versa or while moving particular personal file to another drive user may inadvertently select the “DELETE” option instead of selecting the “PASTE” option. Faulty “Cut-Paste” option also leads to data loss.

Guidelines for how to run recovery in HP Laptops-

Step1: Download and install the trial version of this software in your system. Launch the program by double clicking the desktop shortcut and then select "Recover Partitions" option from the main screen and proceed further.

How to Run Recovery in HP laptop - Main Screen

Step2:After selecting "Recover Partitions" option, a new window appears. The new screen provides you an option to restore deleted/lost files option. Select "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery" option to retrieve all deleted and lost files from external / internal storage device and proceed to the next step.

How to Run Recovery in HP laptop - Second Screen

Step3:Now, select the physical / logical disk image of the hard drive from where you want to start the data recovery process. As you select the drive, the software rigorously scans the entire disk image and recovers the data.

How to Run Recovery in HP laptop - Select Hard drive

Step4: If you are satisfied with the recovery process you can now "Preview" the recovered lost file and save the recovered file into a new destination folder by selecting the option "Save Recovery Session".

How to Run Recovery in HP laptop - Preview Files

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