How to Restore Pictures from Laptop Drive??

There can be hardly any person on earth who does not like capturing pics and treasure them for long period of time. Yes, we all are fond of it since childhood and hence loosing access to them or unintentionally deleting those from our laptop sometimes make us depressed. Pictures are also termed as photos, images, snaps etc. Images are of different formats like PNG, SRW, ARW, NEF, ORF etc. These days’ mobile phones with high resolution camera, smart cameras etc have entered the market and each of them has different features and different file extensions to store snaps into them. It is also possible to transfer the captured pictures from these digital and electronic devices to our computer which supports either Windows or Mac operating system. But then when you lose some of your vivid memories how long do you keep combing on internet stating “how do I rescue pictures from my laptop”? It must be really exhausting to try out number of products to restore the images after each of them shows only the files that were lost or deleted but actually do not find out them back?

Let us assume one scenario you were transferring your recent photos of the vacation from your digital camera onto your HP pavilion laptop. But suddenly you get a call from your office and you abruptly remove the USB cable connecting both the devices and hurry to the office. Later in evening when you restart the process of transferring, you remain at horror to see that the pictures are missing. One silly mistake and it’s all gone!! You must immediately run a HP recovery program to get back the missing images. But which one will you use to find out the lost clicks? Searching for the best tool on internet or in market will consume lot of your time. Instead you must try out this rescue program to obtain back all the images from your digital camera to your HP laptop. Also, you can make use of this advanced software to restore deleted partiton data on Toshiba laptop and other laptop manufacturing brands like Dell, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, etc. For more detailed information on Toshiba laptop partition recovery, tap on the given link This toolkit supports all the big brands of digital camera such as- Sony, Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic, Minolta, Sigma, Pentax, Fujifilm, Kodak etc. It is known best to find back photos from external USB devices such as external HDD, flash drives, memory cards etc. You can also use this recue wizard to undelete images from your iPod too. If you want to have more information, then input here for complete guidelines.

What is unique about photo rescue application?

This program performs the fastest recovery of deleted / lost images, music and video files from hard drive of your Windows and Macintosh series. It has a powerful recover engine to find out digital RAW pictures. This product can magnificently rescue photo files and folders from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, memory sticks and many other devices. By employing laptop data recovery tool, you can easilyrestore Acer laptop data after the drive is corrupted, formatted, dead, etc. just within few simple steps.

There is also a facility for the user to preview the retrieved images. One can also find data on hard drive from dead laptop using this toolkit.

Useful Tips:

Since losing access to photo files matters a lot, hence avoid abruptly removing the card from the device abruptly without using the “safely remove” icon. Also keep maintain a back up of all the important and cherished memories so that you do not have to worry if your clicks goes missing or gets deleted mistakenly. Avoid read / write operation on the storage media to prevent overwriting of the lost / deleted images.

Top most reasons behind deletion or loss of your treasured clicks-

There can be many reasons that are responsible for why we lose access to some of the images or why some of the photos get corrupted and some get deleted inadvertently. We shall look into few of them now.

  • Have you deleted your fond memories?
  • Well, this is the most common thing user does. They often unknowingly delete some of their previously captured photos from their digital camera, smart camera, mobile phones or from their Windows and Mac computers. For laptop, if user performs a simple DELETE operation then the particular file or the entire folder can be easily restored to its original position from the Recycle Bin or Trash. What if they delete using short keys or terminal point commands? And what if they delete the images from their digi cam or cell phones? How will you get those moments back? Picture are most prices collection as they speck more than words does and they cannot be recreated as time passed by never returns back. But do not get panic stricken, no need to hold your breath as your lost or deleted photo files can be rescued or undeleted within few seconds. If you have performed Shift + Delete / Cmd + Del or you have typed the ERASE/ DELETE or rm, rm-rf command on your Windows and Mac machines then you will not find your images on your system’s temporary storage device. You need to use this award winning, industrially tested rescue toolkit for Windows and Mac OS. To get back photos from your Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, service pack 3 etc you can hit on the below link:

  • Did you format a wrong drive or partition?
  • There is no limit for human errors. Sometimes user may accidentally format a whole complete drive or a partition from this system just to realize later that they accommodated few of the important collections of their childhood school days, anniversary, recent vacations etc. What are you going to do in this case? Ask for recommended software on blogs and forums? Or Google out some listed out rescue program? The question is will not it be better if you already have software that can sort out your entire problem? Now that you just need to click on the download option on this page and you can search all the lost files and folders and restore them back to their original location. Morover, with the aid of this powerful tool you can restore files including pictures, audio, video, documents, etc from external hard drive of types SATA, SCSI, IDE, Fire Wire drive, etc of numerous manufacturing brands like Seagate, Western Digital, Buffalo, etc. To know more deatils, click here

  • Is your memory card damaged? Does it refuse to mount?
  • If the memory card that you are using in your digital camera or mobile phone is too old or is being used excessively in large number of devices then they can easily be infected by some suspicious virus or worms, which in turn damages your storage media and because of which the device refuses to open and all the files and folders that are stored in it becomes inaccessible to you. Hence it is very much important to keep you antivirus up to date and avoid using insecure third party application.

  • There can be other reasons too:
  • Memory card gets damaged due to turning off the camera suddenly while a transferring process was running in background.Corrupt storage device because of unplugging the external storage media without using the “Safely Remove” icon. Images got broken or corrupt due to damage on critical area such as- FAT, ROOT and BOOT area damage. Selecting the option “DELETE ALL” on your camera or mobile phones can delete your clicks.

How to use this application to get back lost or deleted images?

Step1: Download and install the trial version of this software in your system. Launch the program by double clicking the desktop shortcut and then select "Recover Photos" option from the main screen and proceed further.

Rescue Pictures from My Laptop - Main Screen

Step2:After selecting "Recover Photos" option, a new window appears. The new screen provides you an option to restore deleted/lost files option. Select "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option to retrieve all deleted and lost image files from external / internal storage media and proceed to the next step.

Rescue Pictures from My Laptop - Deleted/Lost Photos

Step3:Now, select the physical / logical disk image of the hard drive from where you want to start the data recovery process. As you select the drive, the software rigorously scans the entire disk image and recovers the data. You need to select the option Memory card to recover deleted files from your USB drives.

Rescue Pictures from My Laptop - Select Hard drive

Step4: If you are satisfied with the recovery process you can now "Preview" the recovered photo file and save the recovered file into a new destination folder by selecting the option "Save Recovery Session".

Rescue Pictures from My Laptop - Save

For Leopard (10.5) and
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For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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