Recover Data from Windows 8 Laptop

Windows 8 Operating System is the latest version of Windows OS launched by Microsoft. Windows 8 OS has many advantageous features than its earlier versions. Windows 8 is in great demand in the market because of its advanced interface and features. Its features includes-

  • Native USB 3.0
  • 4K Advanced Format Support
  • Windows Store
  • Microsoft Account Integration
  • Ability to BOOT from USB flash drives
  • New File Format known as ReFS (Resilient File Format)
  • Use of complete new platform WinRT (Windows Runtime)

Its advanced feature adds a support for system-on-a-chip and mobile ARM processor.

Since it’s a new OS with advanced technology and new user interface hence it takes user some time to cope up with the system usability. There can be situation when users find out some of the data files vanishes into ether from the hard disk drive of their new OS. Since it’s a new platform hence there is not much restoration toolkit for it on internet. The reason your information are missing from HDD can be due to any one of the below mentioned points-

  • Unintentional deletion
  • Deletion of files while running an antivirus program
  • Recycle Bin Bypass
  • File System Error
  • Formation of Bad Sectors
  • Damaged BOOT area and many more.

How to Recover data on windows 8?

It becomes mandatory for you to recover data from Windows 8 laptop hard drive in such situation. The most optimal solution for your question on how can I perform recovery in Windows 8 is laptop data recovery tool. This software can effectively recover data from formatted, dead, inaccessible laptop drive easily within few easy steps. You can visit the URL: for more information on this and can also download the trial version of this Windows 8 recovery wizard by clicking on the download button of this page.

When your hard drive collapses all of a sudden not only documents but also different media files such as images, music, video files are lost or you lose access to them as they refuses to mount. One can easily understand how painful it is when your files and folders of such a long times are gone forever. The computer may not boot again making you lose your precious data in it. However, you can restore data from laptop that won't boot using this utility. You are lucky enough as this rescue application which has been crafted and tested by industrial experts and also has capability to regain more than 200 different types picture files from laptop easily can be of great help to you. It is compatible with all the different versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and also the most recent Windows 8. Therefore, it’s an appropriate application for those who think can I perform recovery in Windows 8. If you have ever come across such circumstance or you are wondering on how to get back lost / deleted image folders back on laptop then you can click this link for detailed information.

What is special about this software?

  • It is possible to scan entire drive in few minutes to recover deleted / lost data / media files or folders on your Windows 8 OS.

  • It has been crafted with a built-in special search algorithm to perform restoration of all type of files that has been bypassed by the system’s Recycle Bin.

  • There is a feature to resume the recovery session so that it avoid rescanning of the drive. This option proves to be helpful, if you want to retrieve data from Windows 8 laptop in future.

  • This program also creates a disk image to bypass Bad Sectors which can be used later to rescue files and folder.

  • You can also recover data from HP laptop hard drive using this program.

Prevention Measures to be taken-

As your laptop helps you to maintain loads of data and files, so it becomes your responsibility to maintain it properly. But sometimes thing go out in wrong way. Hence it is mandatory for users to maintain backup of all the files and folders which are important to them and they should keep a reliable and recovery software with them so that do not have to worry and think can I perform recovery in Windows 8. To prevent overwriting of the files and folders it is advised not to use the laptop until the process of data recovery from Windows 8 gets completed.

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Why you may need to perform data recovery from Windows 8?

Deletion due to Recycle Bin Bypass - Your Window’s Recycle Bin has a size of 10% of the total size of HDD. When the Recycle Bin gets overfilled and there remains minimal space to hold deleted files, Recycle Bin bypasses the files that you delete without accommodating them. Sometimes Recycle Bin itself performs the Bypass operation whenever you delete a new file, it deletes an already existing file from it so that it can hold on the newly deleted files and folders. This indirectly results in data loss. Under this circumstance you would think how can I perform recovery in Windows 8.

File System Error- As Windows 8 file system is totally different from its previous version, hence sometimes some of the files and folders may refuse to open up as Windows 8 do not support the file type.

Damaged BOOT Area- The hard drive of your computer is split into number of small areas and the first one is the boot sector. It is most important and is accessed when the computer first starts up. Your BOOT sector / area may get damaged while you are facing trouble in installing the OS. If you stop the installation process in the mid way it becomes the most deadly reason for MBR corruption. If your laptop is severely infected by virus then it too may damage the BOOT area.

Running an antivirus program- When you update your antivirus program and run it on your system your precious files may get deleted from it as it may be infected one. Hence user should always avoid usage of insecure devices into their laptop. However using Laptop Data Recovery tool you can recover data from Windows 8 laptop in a very effective way.

In addition to these, there are lots of other scenarios where this software can be used. In this way Laptop Data Recovery application proves to be the best utility and right answer for those who think how can I perform recovery in Windows 8 Laptop.

Steps on how to perform data recovery from Windows 8 Laptop-

Step1: Download and install the trial version of this software in your system. Launch the program by double clicking the desktop shortcut and then to restore data from Windows 8 laptop select "Recover Files" option from the main screen and proceed further.

Can I Perform Recovery in Windows 8 - Main Screen

Step2:After selecting "Recover Files" option, a new window appears. The new screen provides you an option to restore deleted/lost files option. Select "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" option to retrieve all deleted and lost files from external / internal storage device and proceed to the next step.

Can I Perform Recovery in Windows 8 - Select Recovery Option

Step3:Now, select the physical / logical disk image of the hard drive from where you want to start the data recovery process. As you select the drive, the software rigorously scans the entire disk and it will recover data from Windows 8 laptop.

Can I Perform Recovery in Windows 8 - Select Hard drive

Step4: If you are satisfied with the recovery process you can now "Preview" the recovered data file and save the recovered file into a new destination folder by selecting the option "Save Recovery Session".

Can I Perform Recovery in Windows 8 - Save Recovered Data